A modern design piece inspired by the past. It emulates the alternating light and dark patterns that the ancient Egyptians used in their artefacts and art.

The radial pattern of the Luxor’s cover suggests the setting sun. The base of the chair is framed with spines of bright spruce and dark rich Palmwood, similar to that used in the Pharaohs’ furniture. Luxor has a natural radiance.

The bold geometrical shape of the Luxor borrows from the Art Deco style of the early 20th Century. This chair could be from straight out of the Metropolis film set!


980W x 960D x 920H (mm)
39W x 38D x 36H (inch)

2-seater Sofa

1530W x 960D x 920H (mm)
60W x 38D x 36H (inch)

3-seater Sofa

1950W x 960D x 920H (mm)
77W x 38D x 36H (inch)


680W x 360D x 380H (mm)
27W x 14D x 15H (inch)