Pacific Green专门的项目团队与开发商、设计师和专家们一起,为酒店、别墅、参观以及其他类似项目做家具装潢。这种装潢一般既采用标准的Pacific Green产品,亦采用为客户量身度造的产品,以达到客户项目的特别设计要求。

Pacific Green’s Contracts Division

Pacific Green’s Contracts team works with developers, designers and specifiers on fit-outs for hotel, villa, office, restaurant and other developments. With our unique style, we can present a specialised collection for a range of design concepts.

Fit-outs typically involve a combination of standard Pacific Green products and customised pieces to match the project brief. All products are constructed from robust materials, and underpinned with an engineered steel frame for durability and high use.


Pacific Green furniture is crafted from natural materials.

These are sourced from sustainable operations around the world or are by-products from existing commercial activities (like our leathers which come from beef cows).

Our manufacturing processes are environmentally-sustainable and avoid toxins and chemicals. Even the finishing oils are 100% natural and the sawdust is used as a nutrient-rich agricultural fertiliser. Nothing is wasted and packaging materials are fully recyclable.

  • Highend Retail Brands:
    Fit out of Showrooms worldwide Manufacturing and supply of custom designed furniture.
  • Public Spaces:
    Museums, Airports, Restaurants and Bars with standard and modified products.
  • Luxury Hotels:
    Collection, modified and custom furniture. Fit-out for selected Hotel projects including rooms, public areas and spas.


MEAT & WINE 餐厅 - 悉尼

对于这间位于悉尼港的牛排餐厅的装潢,设计师寻求一种自然粗犷的美学理念以迎合餐厅主题。这种设计理念特别适合环保概念的真皮及厚实椰树家具。绿太平洋 (Pacific Green) 为此间餐厅以及临海咖啡厅提供全套家具。


W HOTEL Maldives

The W Hotel stands for world-class service and facilities. For its new luxury resort in the Maldives, the design specified natural materials, careful workmanship and durable products. Pacific Green was asked to provide Palmwood  accessories and furniture for formal and casual dining areas.


TRIBES 餐厅 - 迪拜

餐厅主人的构想是开一间位于阿联酋专属购物商城内的高档非洲餐馆。绿太平洋 (Pacific Green) 的设计和高质量产品成功地实现了主人的这一构想。在餐厅、酒吧以及咖啡厅区域,配置了全套带有异国情调的家具与室内装饰品。