Care and Maintenance

Your Pacific Green furniture is a quality durable product. We regularly receive photos of the rooms of customers from the 1970s who are still enjoying their furniture, sometimes having passed to the second generation. It starts with good materials and workmanship, but is extended with maintenance, love and care in the home.

Leather Care

Natural leathers (whether for furniture or shoes) are nearly impossible to keep in a pristine state. But they can be maintained over several years, and in their ‘aging’ their appearance and comfort can improve over time. It’s not because of the quality – all our hides are A-grade. The best, most natural leathers have little protective coatings or alterations that highlight the beauty of natural grain and colour variation and markings of the hide. These highlight the distinguishing difference of a superior product. Leather will often over time develop a worn, aged patina that is much sought after. It will appeal to those people who pride themselves on their ability to recognise real quality.

High quality leather should last a long time with the right maintenance. We recommend you follow these rules in the care of your leather:

  • Regularly vacuum (carefully) to remove surface dust and dirt
  • Remove spilled liquids quickly with a damp cloth. Allow drying away from heat.
  • Do not rub hard and never use detergents or abrasive cleaning compounds.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight, intense heat, weather or UV rays.
  • Wipe over with a soft cloth, moistened with soapy water; after direct contact with bare skin. Acids (from the skin), chlorine and salt degrade the leather quickly and must be avoided.
  • Do not try to remove ink or other indelible marks. Live with them.
  • Cuts and nicks in leather are difficult to repair and require factory service.

Please remember that whatever the prevention method employed, leather (like our own skin) will mark in the passage of time and, b) there are organizations that specialise in the service and rejuvenation of leather and upholstery. If you have a problem call an expert.

Palmwood Care

Palmwood® comes from reclaimed plantation coconut trucks. It is a real living material, unlike veneer or plasticised furniture. It needs a little physical work – polishing – to look it’s best.

Each piece of Palmwood has the individual features and natural characteristics of the tree it came from. Different colours can occur in the one piece of wood. No flat surface-top will ever have matching pieces. Neither nature nor Pacific Green intended our surfaces to be other than “as is”.

Since our new environmental processing was implemented in 2001, Palmwood has retained a high degree of stability and usability. What you have is a natural product, Palmwood impregnated with wax, so that there is little or no moisture remaining. As a natural product, it can continue to have small movements, much in the same way as antiqued wood tables. What you have is a hard, solid and durable material.

It is sensible to dust all surfaces regularly (to limit damage caused by usage) and then wipe over with a soft cloth (moistened with mildly soapy water). Keep furniture away from open fires and direct sunlight. Use a protective covering to protect table surfaces.

We recommend that you polish Palmwood on a regular basis, this adds lustre and looks great. You can use a beeswax-based product. Use it sparingly as it is hard to buff. It is easy to apply and relatively pleasurable to polish. In general, things that you rub on are ok, so furniture cream and waxes are fine. Just no sprays or chemicals.

General Advice

In general, our furniture has been developed with lots of attention paid to its usability. This accent on the practical should give you generous comfort and satisfaction. In return, to get the best from your furniture, it must be used sensibly. This means avoiding:

  • Sitting on the arms
  • Tilting chairs on their back legs
  • Dragging heavy lounges (lift from underneath)
  • Positioning furniture in direct sunlight
  • Putting hot things on flat surfaces (they will burn or leave marks)
  • Jumping children or free falling into chairs.
  • Dirt, dust, shoes and domestic animals on furniture

Structural Guarantee

Our warranty is given on the understanding that Pacific Green manufactures handmade products. No two pieces are the same. Each piece is unique in appearance and cannot be replicated exactly. There will always be differences including trim colours, binding sizes and lashing styles. There will always be colour variations and different shapes and sizes. In difference lies beauty.

1. All structural frames are guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years. At any time within this period, Pacific Green will repair or replace at its option, any Palmwood or steel part of the frame which the company determines is defective material or workmanship, which is not a result of normal wear and tear, nor a natural characteristic of the material used. All other refurbishing or repairs will be done at minimum cost for the life of the structural guarantee. Whilst we take care only to purchase quality componentry, we do not guarantee leather, foam, or fabrics, which are all purchased from other suppliers.

2. Warranty only applies to the original purchaser, and requires presentation of original receipt. It does not apply to defects arising from normal wear and tear, corrosion, negligence, misuse, alterations, imprudence, accident or when the article has been repaired by anyone other than the original manufacturer.

3. The cost of transporting furniture to and from our factory or Central Distribution warehouse (for service or service under warranty) is the responsibility of the purchaser.

4. Should you require advice on any of our products please telephone your nearest distributor. A “House Call” can be made to discuss any problem but a service fee, in line with industry best practice, may be charged.

This guarantee shall only apply whilst the furniture is cleaned, cared for and maintained in good condition. Please note, Pacific Green has no affiliation with the manufacturer Pacific Green Industries (Fiji) Ltd nor products produced by that company.

Service and maintenance questions

The above provides general guidance. For more information specific to your furniture and materials used, contact your nearest showroom here.