New-look leathers

verite chair gobi leather

We get a lot of enjoyment working on unique and inspiring furniture. The intricate detailing and textured finishes that we use help to bring out the personality of each piece, and our designers are continually sourcing eye-catching stylish materials that complement these products.

Verite armchair by pacific green chair

Pacific Green has always been adventurous with upholstery. Sure, most of our covers are AAA-grade leather from cattle (bred for beef steaks!) but we also use wild Buffalo leather, farmed Alligator hides, British tapestry, Australian merino fleece, Brazilian bovine hides, plaited grasses from Fiji, pure New Zealand wool, African Ostrich and long piled German velvet.

stonewash leather ragtime leather

Here are two new covers that are exciting ..

ragtime leather closeup

Gobi is a robust leather with a distinctive aged patina. That finish has been developed using a pioneering technique where the leather is pressed and then put through an acid wash. This gives the leather an earthy scorched look, with tones of rusting, and without degrading the AAA grade leather quality. We think the effect is stunning!

stonewash leather by pacific green

Stonewash Black is a premium sueded leather with a printed finish. The speckled pattern is not only modern and organic, but practical. Suede has a lovely feel – as natural as leather comes – but is not always easy to maintain. The printed pattern offers a durable tactile suede.

norse pacific green dining chair

These new covers suit the Pacific Green collection and we’re happy to introduce them into our international leather selection.