LUXOR armchair: Inspired by the Pharaoh’s treasures

The Luxor armchair emulates the alternating light and dark patterns that the ancient Egyptians used in their artefacts and art.

The radial upholstery pattern suggests the setting sun on the River Nile. The seat is moulded latex covered in A-grade premium leather. The base is ringed with spines of bright spruce and dark Palmwood®. Each handcrafted piece is a unique artwork and heirloom.

Luxor has a natural radiance.

Width: 98cm / 39”
Depth: 96cm / 38”
Height: 92cm / 36”

Also available as:
2-seater and 3-seater sofa and matching coffee table.
art deco luxor armchair by Pacific green furniture luxor armchair by Pacific green furniture