Transcontinental Masterpieces 2012

Pacific Green presents a collection of furniture celebrating the dawn of tourism, when the few intrepid Travellers returned from distant lands with tales of adventure and souvenirs of wonder.

We recall the days of cruising the river Nile, camping in the Holy Land, the glamour of Astor House in Shanghai, trips to the mighty Victoria Falls.

Of voyages of steam and coal, wind and hot air; voyages which were measured in months, weeks and days.

Of crossing great oceans, deserts and continents to encounter new peoples and behold great civilisations.

And of the vivid memories and exotic artefacts that the travellers carried home with them to be treasured for a lifetime.

The Transcontinental Masterpiece collection evokes these formative experiences.

Designs are inspired by traditional arts of Egypt, Southern Africa, China, Polynesia, North America.

Each Masterpiece is meticulously crafted using exceptional natural materials selected from around the world. A handmade item of furniture. A unique artwork and heirloom.
transcontinental masterpiecestranscontinental masterpieces by pacific greentranscontinental masterpieces by pacific greentranscontinental masterpieces